Like many kids, Michael J. Fox had his eyes on a career as a rockstar. “I grew up admiring rockstars like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page,” he told 雷电竞娱乐. “That’s what I thought being famous was. But I wasn’t a rockstar.”

Many might argue that the Canadian actor is a rockstar — just in a different way. His has raised more than $900 million to fund research to find a cure for Parkinson’s, a disease that Muhammad Ali, Neil Diamond, Jesse Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Linda Ronstadt and Fox himself, who was diagnosed in 1991.

in 2010. “I...qualify it by saying it’s a gift that keeps on taking, but it is a gift, because it’s really opened me up to more kind of compassionate, curious, risk-taking person."


But six months later, things were worse. His entire left hand was trembling and his shoulder was stiff and achy. He consulted another doctor and was told he had Parkinson’s disease, which typically affects patients over the age of 60. He was just 30.

. “The doctor said I would be able to function for years and years. But even talking in those terms was strange.”

Michael J Fox

雷电竞娱乐Michael J. Fox, 1991

He got four doctors’ opinions before accepting his fate

When he shared the news with Pollan, she cried out of fear. “Neither of us quite understood. We hugged each other and assured ourselves that we’d be able to deal with it,” Pollan told .

雷电竞娱乐It just didn’t seem right. Fox was young and in good shape — and doctors agreed that he must have been misdiagnosed. But after four doctors had the same initial reaction followed by the same eventual diagnosis, there was no escaping. He searched for an explanation. What mistake did he make in his life that caused this?

After ruling out everything from childhood hockey accidents to film stunts, he realized the truth. “There’s just that thing — fate,” he explained to . “You’re the guy it touches.”

Fox says he was 'so scared' during the early years

Accepting his newfound reality, Fox tried to move forward with his life. At home, his young son Sam dubbed his left hand “the shaky hand” and made a game of it, but at work, it was getting harder to hide. As photographers and reporters anxiously awaited his arrival at the Golden Globes in January 1998, he stalled in the limo as his left arm and leg shook uncontrollably. He asked the driver to take another spin around the block. Three spins later, his medication kicked into effect and he was able to proceed without anyone aware of his secret. He even snagged the Best Actor trophy that night.

雷电竞娱乐 of the time. “It wasn’t based on truth.”

Looking back on that period now, he’s able to admit his vulnerability. “I was so scared,” Fox explained to the . “I was so unfamiliar with Parkinson’s. Someone is saying your life is going to be completely changed. Yeah? When?” He admits he took on projects because of “time restrictions” and “financial pressures” since they were “inflated in my head,” so he chose as many “quick successful movies” as he could.

Eventually, he came to terms with choosing his projects more strategically: “It should’ve been to do as many good ones as I could. To do one good one. To find something that meant雷电竞娱乐 something to me. And it wasn’t until 1994 that I started getting it. That’s when I started to accept the disease — and acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It means understanding and dealing straightforwardly.”

Michael J Fox

雷电竞娱乐Muhammad Ali listens as Michael J. Fox makes his opening statement during the Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing on Parkinson's Disease


By the end of the second season, he knew it was time to openly talk about what he had privately been dealing with for so long. He revealed his diagnosis to his castmates and then headed to Massachusetts for a risky four-hour brain procedure.

The surgery helped. He returned to the show that falls, but by the end of 1998, he was ready to speak even more publicly and revealed his diagnosis on the cover of the December 7, 1998 issue of .

Fox remains optimistic that there will be a cure

From the start, his attitude about his diagnosis was clear — and became his trademark: optimism mixed with reality.

That fall, he went back to Spin City, but eventually left after two more seasons. “One of the reasons I left Spin City was that I felt my face hardening,” he told the . “My movements were constricted. If you watch episodes from the last couple of seasons, you’ll see I would anchor myself against a desk or the wall. Eventually, it was too burdensome.”

(Lucky Man in 2002, Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist in 2009 and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future in 2010), his true purpose now remains on his foundation. “I still believe in a cure,” he told The New York Times Magazine.

Fox has been known to at his foundation’s annual benefit and reprise the iconic Back to the Future “Johnny B. Goode” scene — with Coldplay’s Chris Martin雷电竞娱乐 even joining him in 2013. After all, Fox is a true rockstar.