Einstein's Letter to Marie Curie: Ignore the Haters

Haters gonna hate even Nobel Prize winning physicist Marie Curie. In a recently released letter, fellow scientific genius Albert Einstein offered some words of support to Curie as she faced her critics.

The Internet was on fire yet again with another high-profile trolling incident involving some famous names. . . from over a century ago. Everyone seems to be talking about a recently released letter from Albert Einstein to pioneering female physicist Marie Curie telling her not to sweat the “reptiles” a.k.a. trolls of their day.

The year was 1911 and haters were hating on Nobel Prize winner Curie who was denied a seat in the French Academy of Sciences, possibly because she was a woman, an atheist and for having a scandalous relationship with a married man, fellow scientist Paul Langevin who, at the time, was estranged from his wife. 

, and shows that even geniuses like Curie landed under a microscope of unfair criticism. Here’s :

Albert Einstein Letter Photo
Albert Einstein Marie Curie Photo

Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. (Photo: Unknown Author/)